typhoon varning!


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Tropical Cyclone Bulletin

Here is the latest Tropical Cyclone Bulletin issued by the Hong Kong Observatory.

The No. 8 Southeast Gale or Storm Signal is in force.

This means that winds with mean speeds of 63 kilometres per hour or more are expected from the southeast quarter.

At 11 a.m., Typhoon Nesat was centred about 350 kilometres southwest of Hong Kong (near 19.7 degrees north 112.2 degrees east) and is forecast to move west-northwest at about 22 kilometres per hour in the general direction of Hainan Island and Leizhou.

Nesat is closest to Hong Kong now, passing around 350 kilometres south-southwest of Hong Kong. Gale winds are expected to persist over Hong Kong and the number 8 gale or storm signal will remain in force for most of the time during the day.

Under the influence of Nesat's broad circulation, many areas of Hong Kong continue to be affected by gale winds this morning. In the past hour, the maximum gusts recorded at Cheung Chau, Tai Mei Tuk and Star Ferry were 121, 109 and 83 kilometres per hour respectively.

(Precautionary Announcements with No. 8 Signal)

1. Complete all precautions in your home. Lock all windows and doors, fit bars into position and insert reinforced shutters and gates if they are available. Adhesive tape fixed to large window-panes in exposed positions will reduce damage by broken glass. Storm water drains should be cleared of leaves and rubbish.

2. Do not stand near windows on the exposed side of your home. Move all furniture and valuables away from these areas. Make sure you have a safe place to shelter, should windows be broken.

3. Flights at Hong Kong International Airport may be affected by the weather. Please contact your airline for the latest flight information before departing for the airport.

4. Since seas are very rough, you are advised to stay away from the shoreline and not to engage in water sports.

5. Park your car where it is least likely to be damaged.

6. Please listen to radio or watch TV for the latest weather information broadcast at the 15th, 30th, 45th and 58th minute of each hour. You can also browse the Hong Kong Observatory's web site for the information.


Nu är det bara att hålla sig inne :S Det höll på som tusan för ett tag sen, men nu har det lugnat ner sig lite för tillfället. 



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